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From Chapter 9

8. It appeared that "ancient" Greeks and Romans wore Russian clothes of the XIV-XVII centuries.
8.1. The Horde korzno.
8.2. The Horde sarafans = perizzites.
8.3. The Horde homespun coat = short warm overcoat.
8.4. The Horde caftan = cabat.
8.5. The Horde tafia = yarmulke = taqiyah.
8.6. The Horde kaika and cassock.
8.7. The Horde female letnik.
8.8. The Horde zhikovina rings-scarabs.
8.9. How Romanovs exterminated Russian clothes and Russian customs in Russia.

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Strange 'cohen-cidences'?
tartars black hair, black eyes, (
hook noses, huge gaping mouths full of teeth?)
tribute tax to tartar cossacks 10% of everything, even children
meat eaters with herds of cattle and on horseback
practice circumcision mutilation ritual
wear yarmulkes
disappear 18th-19th century?
defeat of juden khazaria in 1847
treaty that included flood of black-hair khazar 'jews' from russia to america early 1900's
recovery of eden swastika exposes entire jew fraud scheme across history
They had black hair, black eyes, mutilated penises, and wore skull caps 'to hide their evil thoughts from god.' Wonder who they could be?
“According to the evidence of their contemporaries, the Mongols, unlike the
Tartars, were tall, blue-eyed and fair-haired, and wore beards.”    (22 Great Wall Hoax, p.30)