Colloidal Silver Recipe

This is just an example.  Two to four hours with this amount of water will make some strong stuff.  Use twice as much water, but not touching the alligator clips, and let it run longer.  You can vary the distance between the silver and stir it slightly once or twice.  It will be slow at first then start to turn a slightly orange or copper color.  Adding a few drops of colloidal silver from a previous batch will accelerate the process.  If you shine a laser through the water you will see a solid beam and millions of particles when it is ready.  I just experimented with things until I got a slight orange color and pour almost all of it into a brown GLASS bottle, keeping out any impurities.  The colloidal silver is electrified and a drop holds itself together.  It lasts a long time and should never touch metal. Silver coins have been used to purify water for ages.  A silver spoon in a baby's mouth kills germs.  Colloidal Silver Really Works.

Colloidal Silver will cure eye infections and red inflamed eyelids in seconds.  It seems to work best to leave it pooled up on the affected area and exposed to air.  I had a red inflamed lower eyelid that wouldn't go away even using opthalmic antibiotic ointment so I went to an eye-clinic eye-doctor.  He was a smart alec Hindu that almost got himself bitch slapped for his arrogance and disrespect.  He straightend up real quick and told me everything I wanted to know, which was basically they don't know what it is or how to treat it but it must be an allergy to cats, if you have cats, and dogs if you have dogs, more bullshit, etc.  Viral?  Bacterial?  Sample to lab would be indeterminate.  He prescribed some wicked $100 a bottle antibiotic you drip in your eye, and said see ya.
Of course it didn't work at all and so I tried colloidal silver.  What do ya know?  It took away the infection and the redness in just a few seconds.  Hold the lid open, drip a few drops on it, keep holding it open for ten seconds and you are done.  Do it a few times a day problem GONE.

Once I ate two store-bought eggs and nothing else.  Within three hours I was sick as hell with all the symptoms of Salmonella poisoning.  I had not been sick at all even once in the last ten years. Couldn't eat or sleep for two to three days, just sweating then freezing then heaving.  The second day I started drinking colloidal silver, just 2 cc's every four hours at first, then I took a little more.
It really helped almost instantly and knocked the Salmonella right out so my immune system could deal with it.  Lots of water to flush the toxins out and keep from dehydrating.  Dehydration is a killer.  This stuff really works and you can tell it works when you take it.  Anti-viral.  Anti-bacterial.  Nothing beats it.

Used it to save a cat with a wicked virus and fever.  The fever is good and stops the virus.  Cat wasn't eating which is good to fight the virus, but also not drinking and was badly dehydrated and lost a lot of weight.  I thought it might be the deadly feline leukemia virus and the cat was in a daze and in bad shape.  First I gave him 2 cc's colloidal silver.  Then I used syringe after syringe of clean water into the cat's mouth every few minutes at first and then as much as he could take off and on for the next three days .  I gave the Tom cat 2 cc's of colloidal silver every 4-6 hours or so.  He started feeling better immediately with every dose.  He still couldn't quite eat on the third day so I jump started him with small syringes of broth and some small cat doses of vitamin D, vitamin C, iodine, and vitamin B mixed in..  The fever broke after 3 days of sleeping in his cat crate and taking water and colloidal silver.  On the fourth day he was eating and drinking just a little and on the fifth day he was eating and drinking away and back to normal except for the weight he lost.  I had a cat die from so-called feline leukemia virus and the veterinary medical profession was helpless and useless except to take my money.  This cat seemed to have symptoms exactly like the Tom that died a few years ago before I was fully aware of what silver can do, and I had him in the truck going to the vet emergency center when he really perked up and his eyes opened up and I could tell the colloidal silver was I turned around and took him home.  I'm keeping him on 2 cc's twice a day or so of the colloidal silver for a while.  He's why I'm writing this, to save other cats.

About a year or two ago, same tom cat above kept getting eye infections and swollen upper eye-lid.  It kept happening for six months.  I used the vet opthalmic ointment and it would ususally cure it in a few days but within a week or two he had it again.  The veterinarian was almost on the same page as ganeesha boy eye-doctor above regarding eye infections.  Well, I put a few drops of my colloidal silver  in the cat's eye a couple times a day for two or three days and it went right away and never came back.

I absolutely recommend colloidal silver and use it myself and on my dogs an cats.  There is a lot of information about it on the internet and some for sale, but who knows how strong it is or anything else, so it is much better and easier to make it yourself.  Any 12 volt DC power supply will work or even a car battery.  I'd be damn careful about shorting out a car battery though.  I don't know how other people make it, but this way definitely works and the colloidal silver also definitely woriks.  It is really good and really safe medicine.  (Ignore the bullshit stories on jew TV about the guy turning blue who was drinking gallons of silver nitrate.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with this).  GOOD LUCK.



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