Thought by thought, idea by idea, realization by realization, the lies are replaced with truths, the facts are corrected.  To reverse the damage and destroy the spell created by so many lies and layers of lies sold by deceivers pretending to be good over so long a time --  REVERSE THE PROCESS.  DO IT NOW.  PIECE BY PIECE.  STEP BY STEP.  FOLLOW THE PATH THAT LEADS TO THE TRUTH.  IT'S REAL AND IT WORKS.  NO MORE BELIEFS.  NO MORE EXPERTS THINKING FOR YOU.  ONLY YOU AND THE TRUTH.  A huge building is not built in one day, but rather piece by piece and step by step.  Soon it becomes recognizable.  One day it stands tall, independent, a monumental structure worthy of its builder.
The rest of this long page are some of the building blocks you can use and a lot of cement.  Pick something you have been "taught" in 'school' or on jewish television that you "believe" and then do some work to decide the Truth of it.  If you are a beginner, take something easy like the 'moon landing' or the Grand Canyon being carved by a river running 1000' uphill, and use your Reason and Logic on the evidence.  Maybe debunk the "nuclear sun" theory or the "red-shift" stellar theory or the "big bang" or "dark-matter."  There is always the truly bogus "out of Africa" theory or the lies about Thomas Jefferson mating a slave girl, freemasons, 'attorneys', the 'bar', and the Crown.  Of course, you will need to examine the 9-11 false-flag and eventually the holohoax, as well as protecting yourself against the ongoing false-flag psyops and staged riots happening almost every week now.  REPLACE LIES WITH TRUTH.  REPLACE BELIEF WITH KNOWLEDGE.  REPLACE EVIL WITH GOOD.  ONE PIECE AT A TIME.  STEP BY STEP.  This is how to break the Talmudic Terror Trance and take back your power.