Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Right words

"Ocasio-Cortez hedges criticisms of Israel– ‘I may not use the right words’" (Weiss).  Note how the education process continues right in the middle of an interview, as she is guided to the 'right words'!  'Occupation'.  'What did you mean by that?'  I'm sure Schlomo is at the doors of the studio to hand out bags of shekels for appropriate responses. See also:  "Kike Vermin Sacha Baron Cohen Mocks the Fact Americans Will Do Anything an Israeli Says" (Anglin).

"A Tale of Two Poisonings" (Giraldi).  "The Magic Of Novichok - Deadly Agent Found In Perfume Bottle" (Moon).  A perfume bottle with BZ in the red bag is not bad tradecraft, but disposing of it by throwing it away on the ground, where some junkies can find it and OD, is not.

"Report Details "Ocean's 11"-Style Mossad Raid Inside Iran To Steal Nuclear Secrets" (Durden).  The self-congratulatory back-story to Bibi's prop pile of documents supposedly proving an Iranian nuclear program, delivered in a steaming pile, as you would expect, by the Jew York Times.  One way to know it is all a lie is that the operation was a success, which never happens when the Mossad is involved.  Also (it must be in the style book):  "‘NY Times’ uses old tricks to distort Israel’s latest attacks on Gaza" (North).

"Editorial - China hacked Clinton's e-mail" (Lang).  No. China's on Assholia's shitlist, so the American IC wouldn't have ignored it.  You are looking for a country that is allowed to spy on Trump and Clinton.

"Putin Claims U.S. Intelligence Agents Funneled $400 Million To Clinton Campaign" (Durden).  Wow!, actual foreign interference in American Presidential elections, so you won't read much about it.

"Ukraine’s anti-Roma pogroms ignored as Russia blamed for far right resurgence" (Parry).

"Stormer, Volume 47: New, Unreported Fraud in the Mueller Investigation" (weev!).  Daniel Deriso, a Bernie staffer.

"Jared Kushner Still Can't Get His Security Clearance Issues Resolved" (Red Painter). I thought they sneaked that through in the afterglow of the embassy move.

"Use the America-Russia Summit to Bring Back Arms Control" (Cohen/Petro).  Trump could end up with three legitimate Nobel Peace Prizes!

"Saudis invite Mossad into the holy cities of Mecca and Medina" (Madsen).  The Saudis are more Jewish than the Khazars (who aren't Jewish at all).

"Franklin Lamb, Requiescat in Pace" (St. Clair).  He actually did more harm than good, and often appeared to be an Israeli asset.

"New Canadian Forces radar worth more than $200 million can't be linked in with NATO networks" (I just keep reading until I figure out the mystery - sometimes the usual corruption is just too obvious!):
"The Canadian Army’s newest radar system can’t be linked in to NATO’s air defence networks but the military says it won’t cancel the project worth more than $200 million.

The Canadian Army is just now taking delivery of the first Israeli-built . . . "
"Nicaragua: Terrorism as an Art of Demonstrating" (Anfruns).  Sorositis is causing an inexplicable unwillingness of the protesters to discuss with government officials the problem they are ostensibly protesting about.  So, so, so much like the Maidan!  Note the snipers used to trap a family in a building the false-flaggers set on fire!

"lol @ shitlib self-hating jews" (Anglin).  Some of the comments made about the Unz piece complain that all this weirdness is not in the worshiping experience of most Jews, which is no doubt true, but irrelevant (for further research, note the comments here and here and here and here).  What matters is that the people who are in charge of the bribing and the warmongering believe in the real khazarized Judaism, and the rest of the community is content to leave all the bigger issues in charge of the rabbis, who they think no doubt know best.  When you are dealing with a modern esoteric mystery cult, which is what the Khazar bastardization of Judaism is - they appear to have semi-secretly transformed a fairly simple and straightforward monotheistic religion into a weird mess of Khazar pagan ideas replete with various gods and Satan worship and bizarre rituals, only the last of which occasionally make it out intro public sight - it's the hard-core back-room stuff that counts.