In Yukon Jack


The Solar Super Cycle Grand Minimum is going to be good for bloggers, polar bears, and cave men.  It's going to be very bad for politicians and Jews and all their whores who lied their damn asses off in the push for carbon taxes and global government.  There's going to be a new atmosphere in America, one of intolerance for the powers that be.  It's time to hang 'em high!

did you fall for global warming, is your cave man ass frozen yet

Are you cold and miserable?  Are you freezing your ass off?  Welcome to my new book, Global Warming is for Dummies.   I document the epic fail of the global warming scam as the world careens back into the new ice age.

Global Warming/Climate Change was sold like a bag of potato chips over the television.  I call the Jewtube because Jews completely control content, so if we are being sold global warming is must be a Jewish scam because they own the television broadcasting.  The Zionists want to control the world and in order to do so they need world government funded by the carbon tax.


Kill your television may be a popular meme, but hardly a soul will do it because the lure of passive entertainment is greater than the human beings ability to muster will toward their own freedom. Television kills your will to resist, television binds you to karma of the evil ones, television enlists you in the latest Jewish crusade, which is the climate change agenda.  The Jew must be always overthrowing something, it is in the nature of the Jew to rebel against everything, including any political systems created by previous Jews.

It is perfectly logical to suspect the Jews in the Global Warming scam, they already control everything so whatever you see on the television must meet with their approval and be part of their agenda.  The television is a miracle machine of the Jew - it allows the Jew to reach out and grab hold of people's minds.  The television is literally the "Jewtube" or now with the "Jewscreen" (a.k.a. the 'telescreen' from George Orwell's novel 1984)


TV is like a mental shackle, paralyzing the individual from doing anything about the deteriorating conditions, TV makes you comfortably numb while the world goes to hell.  Television is just like religion, it is the enemy of your mind, Gerry Mander’s infamous logic in the Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television can be reduced to one simple concrete resolution:

The reason to get rid of the television-

is to remove the Jew from your mind.

The Jewtube is a Jew mouthpiece in your living room.   Would you allow disgusting Jews into your home and vomit all over all of the furniture?  Well this is exactly what you are allowing when you have a Jewtube in your house, you are allowing the Jew into your inner space, you are allowing the Jew to spew his bullshit all over your home.   Jewish thinking is poison to the human mind, the Jew inverts reality, he has you cheering his crimes while you couch surf all the channels he owns.


What can you start doing right now to un-become the slave?  Start by destroying all televisions and Jew holy books.  The TV is the Jewtube, it is the Talmudvision, it is the loci center of the Jew hell matrix being broadcast right into your sacred space.  Your home is how you isolate yourself from Jew hell, this society he controls with his money.  The final solution to the Jew problem is to get rid of the Jew and you can start right now by killing your television.

The Bible inculcates your mind into the false reality of the Jewish simulacrum, tales of godly bloodlust, killing everything in the name of the one true god.  The television imbues your soul with a continuous string of violent Jewish images just like the Bible:  rapes, drone kills, bombing blitzkriegs over Baghdad, towers imploding and all the while the Jew media whores read the pre-planned psyop script designed by PhD’s that work at the Pentacon or some Tel Aviv university.

Parents with three children watching television

If we want to end Jew hell right now, if your want to end your own personal slavery, you can start by destroying the television, any television.   Take them out back with your trusting deer rifle and put a round right in the middle of it, maybe plug it in first and when you see a Jew appear on the screen, squeeze off a round, that way when you kill it has a dramatic effect.  Watch the damn thing explode and spark then die.  Kill your television while imagining killing the Jew.  Then smile at your accomplishment, because you have changed the world by changing yourself.

Taking action in the now can be a meditative exercise, killing your television is a statement to the Universe, when you change your reality, you change everything around you.   We are all in a matrix of mind energy, anytime you do something symbolically with intention you are doing magic.  Your mind is part of the matrix, the reason we live in hell is because we are all thinking Jew thoughts from television programming and mass indoctrination into the Jewish Bible.


So while you are destroying every TV don’t forget to destroy all of the Jew hell books.  Burn them, rip them up, throw them away along with every television you can find, nearly every household in America has five of the damn things.  Build a big bonfire under the full moon, maybe wait to one of those blood moons that everyone is talking about and start a big fire under the full blood moon and burn the Jew back to hell.  There is power in that, do it with the greatest will and intention you can muster.  Be the wizard, change society with your own magic that counters Jewish black magic.

After you end the endless stream of lies coming out of the Jewtube that you have in nearly every room of your house, you can then start converting the rest of Jewish simulacrum back to the natural.  Get rid of anything the Jew wants you to have that makes you a slave.  His magazines, his newspapers, his art, his endless gadgets that fail.


You can start to love again by turning off the tube because it is Jew hate made to sound normal and rational.  Nearly everyday some Jew whore reporter nonchalantly informs us about drone kills, like “Today the US Army apologized to Afghan town for killing 38 women and children”.  The Jewbox talks of heinous mass murdering war crimes as if it was a justified occurrence.  This society is completely mad, and the Jewtube is the daily televised announcements of Jewish syndicate crimes.

You should isolate yourself and loved ones from this electronic hate box, protect your home from Jewish mental infiltration by killing your television.  No longer will you hear the war crimes of the day, no longer will you see the police beating some elderly man in a wheelchair, no longer will your home be filled with electronic waves of hate coming from the fat mouth of the Jew pig Abe Foxman or Jew whore Hillary Clinton.  Make your space Jew free, and free your mind from Talmudic hate.


You are not the Jew, so stop reading the Jew book, stop praying to the Jew god and stop watching the god damn Jewtube.  Become human again, stop with church which is evil Jewish indoctrination, stop with the television which is electronic Jew hate programming, stop with the program of the worker slave, simplify your life, you don’t need all this consumer cheap plastic crap, you need to become natural again, you need to become human again, you need to reconnect with your own source.

One of the primary illusions of this insane culture is that it never is present, you are always told that problems will be solved in the future.  The war on poverty or war on drugs implies that a war will be fought into the indefinite future, but it is only fought in the current moment against you.  The war is on you.  No problem ever gets solved because the Jew has no intention of solving anything, the Jew is only interested in destroying you with his social programs, with his money, with his book, with his control of the television and news media.  The Jew is a destroyer and television is one of his primary weapons.


Global Warming is another use of the government gaining control by fighting a mythical demon that might manifest in the future.  The government places controls on you in the now to fight the hobgoblin they created in your mind that might manifest in the future.  Global Warming is not the real problem, government authority is, government controlled by Jew is your real threat, climate change is just a red herring, a distraction to gain control.

You should ask yourself how you got to believe in something not real like Global Warming.  How did that thought get into your head?  Television, magazines, newspapers - all the media the Jews control.  Once you grasp the reality of the situation you can come out the spell and isolate yourself from getting caught in the next spell, by ridding yourself of Jewish influence primarily by not watching television.