Aryan Continence: The Ancient Art of Sexual Restraint

Sven Longshanks  Daily Stormer   December 31, 2013


Hercules makes his choice between the challenging paths of Virtue, or the momentary distractions of Vice.

What have Isaac Newton, Nicolai Tesla, George Handel and Adolf Hitler all got in common? They all suppressed their sexual urges and directed their life-creating energy towards achieving their goals.  Common sense tells you that if a force is so powerful that it can create a new life, keeping it within you is going to have positive creative effects and losing it is going to drain them from you.

Thus it is that we should each consider now the power of continence, as we stand in the midst of our people’s greatest struggle.

Continence in Aryan Religion and History

Our ancestors knew of the power of continence millennia ago, and it must have formed an essential part of the prototypical Aryan belief system that later organized religions like Hinduism and Christianity evolved from, as well as our less well documented Pagan faiths, as it is common amongst all of them.

In Hinduism, the male celibate is called ‘Brahmacharya,’ and their teachings explain how the fluid of creation is sublimated into the ‘Ojas Shakti’ creative power, giving the ascetic spiritual insights and enhanced understanding, as well as general improvements to his life experience. The Brahmacharya stage lasted from before puberty until a man was about 25, teaching him to resist temptation while he was at the most lustful stage of his life, as well as giving him the inspirational stamina to resist once again, after he had become a father. Some took the vow for life, much like certain orders of priests and nuns still do today In Christianity. This does not merely have its origins in Church traditions, but actually has it’s roots in the Christian scriptures themselves.

Throughout the Bible, there are references to ‘eunuchs’ and this term was not just used for gelded men, but for those who had taken the vow of chastity as well. Isaiah ch 56 v 2 – 5 confirms that these eunuchs are not ‘dry trees’ and that they have a better standing than the other sons and daughters of God. Saint John the Beloved appears to be a later confirmation of this statement, as he was said to have been continent all his life and thus Jesus loved him more than all the others.  Matthew ch 19 v 12 talks of those who have made themselves eunuchs for God, as opposed to being made eunuchs by man, or in the womb. This is obviously not talking about testicular mutilation but about those who have taken vows of continence, like the Hindu Bramacharya.

In days of old, it was only celibate priests who got to read the scriptures, as this was required in order to be able to understand the deep wisdom contained within. Most of the references to continence were later expunged from the Bible by the Protestants, who claimed it was impossible for a man to be celibate, yet the early church fathers saw celibacy as proof of the power of Christ, as without divine intervention it would have been impossible for them to keep to their vows of continence. Saint Paul gives his blessing to life-long celibates when he says it is better not to marry (have sex) at all, but if you are not strong enough for that then it is better to marry, than to slowly roast in the flames of your own lust. If you cannot control your concupiscence then it is better to have a lawful release for it, than not. Although some of the Apostles were married, the traditional Church teaching is that they were continually continent after receiving the Holy Ghost, although in Hindu teaching this happens the other way around, and it is continence itself that is the catalyst for divine inspiration.

Celibacy was not just limited to certain of the priestly caste, there are plenty of instances showing that it was a foundational part of the warriors discipline in many of the Aryan tribes. The Spartans are probably the most well-known of these celibate heroes, their name is still associated with asceticism and self denial to this day. They practiced continence along with eugenics as a way of improving the virility of their racial stock and gained a fearsome reputation through doing so, just like the later nations who were to do the same.

Bishop Salvian from the fifth century AD writes that the barbarians who were besieging Rome were shocked at the licentiousness they found there. They rejected incontinence and fornication, holding them to be great crimes and were horrified at the moral decadence in Latin society. Salvian also speaks of the Goths as being treacherous yet continent, and the Saxons as being savagely cruel, but remarkable for their chastity. They punished adultery with death, and even those familiarities between the sexes that are generally deemed innocent, were strictly prohibited to unmarried persons. The Vandals are recorded as managing to retain their moral superiority not only in Spain, but even when among the Negroes of Africa. They saw the vices which had infected Greece and Rome as an abomination and forced prostitutes to marry, as well as enacting other severe laws against immorality, compelling the Romans to be honorable against their will.

King Alfred the Great, the famous British Saxon King was once so alarmed at how debilitating the sexual urge could be, that he prayed for the Lord to send him haemorrhoids to distract him from it. Today it is not uncommon for sports coaches to ban their teams from seeing their wives before a match or tournament, hoping that just short term abstinence will provide an edge over the opposing team.


Masculinity is about protecting women, not making conquests of them.

Women, Contraception and Pornography

One of the reasons why a woman could never become a priest was because she could only go for 28 days without bleeding. The male emission was also considered as bleeding since life was contained within it, but men could go for months on end without losing any of their life creating blood. This is where we get the derogatory term ‘bleeder’ from. It means the same as ‘wanker,’ and historically was always seen as an undesirable weakness in our nations, those that had yet to be polluted by outside influence that is.

Contraception has changed this dynamic entirely between men and women, and for the first time since Pagan Rome, women are now more continent than men. This was prevented from happening in the past by the chance of unwanted pregnancy, as well as by religious tales of divine execution for the spilling of seed. There were also common folk tales of masturbation causing blindness and madness, perhaps a cryptic reference to the blindness and insanity that we see all around us in our White nations, now that the majority have exchanged self sacrifice for self pleasure.

In a strange paradoxical way, the more men waste their seed, the more neutered their masculinity becomes. What makes them male is their ability to produce seed and when this seed is retained the masculine creative power flows through them. When it is wasted, the power drains from them and they become emasculated and insecure, thinking emotionally rather than logically and placing more importance in their superficial acquisitions than their character.

Men have up to ten times more testosterone than women, and the sexual urge is very hard to control because of this. When surrounded by temptation, the male brain is clouded and easily manipulated, which is well known to those who seek to manipulate us, as well as to women (many of whom deliberately use this unequal balance of hormones to achieve short term gains for themselves). Pornography plays a big part in this and it is not so much demeaning to women as it is abusing men’s natural weakness in this respect, which was designed to ensure the husband would provide for and protect his wife, rather than so that women could use it to manipulate men. All the while men and women were limited to one monogamous relationship for life, the sex drive helped to ensure they stayed together, which is the best situation for any children to be brought up in.

Traditionally, Christian women respected a man's physical weaknesses, and covered their bodies, including their hair.

Traditionally, Christian women respected a man’s physical weaknesses, and covered their bodies, including their hair.

The Islamic custom of women covering themselves up is a tradition that they inherited from us, that shows respect for the imbalance of hormones between the sexes. It helps to ensure that men retain autonomy over their feelings and also helps to protect women from the lower types of men who have never learnt self-restraint. This custom is left over from when they were still White, like many other of the more honorable traditions that the non-whites still have today.  Saint Paul advised women to cover themselves up 600 years before Mohammed, but unlike ‘the prophet,’ he also preached abstinence from all unlawful sex, which meant all sex outside of procreation with a wife of your own race.


Lusting after strange women will lead to death, rather than new life.

Non-White Incontinence

When Christianity was in its formative stage, it’s followers provided a stark contrast to the mixed-race pagans of the time, the same as the Aryan Hindus had to the phallus worshiping Dasyus and the Old Testament Israelites had to the incestuous Canaanites. Back then, with the introduction of non-White customs into Greek and Roman society, the women had become expected to prostitute themselves at least once in their lives in the temple, and if they were not particularly attractive, they could be left waiting there for years. The ideals that the Greeks and Romans had originally shared with the later Barbarian tribes were left behind in favor of hedonism.

The Black and mixed race pagan religions have always been based around the sex act and the lower chakras, whereas Christianity and the other purely Aryan religions were based around avoiding the sex act and concentrating the power into the higher energy centers. The darker races do not have these higher energy centers, and they have always worshiped the goddess in her heightened sexual state because of this. The unadulterated White nations worshiped the masculine principle, and only honored the female one in her essential role of supporting the masculine and bearing the posterity of the race. The purely Aryan Greek and Roman ideal of masculinity did not include the oversized appendages of the brown skinned peoples, as their statues and art clearly show. Instead, they were concerned to show the sexual organs as diminished or hidden, to get the idea of self restraint across. As the White nations in the different areas absorbed more of the dark races into their blood, their culture and art changed with it, becoming more about self-pleasure and self-glorification, as the materialistic and feminine principle of the dark races became dominant.

Christianity was fundamentally opposed to this materialistic immorality and was reviving the original social order that the White nations needed to progress in the right direction again. The historical record of the barbarian tribes before they were Christianized confirms the ancient origin of this. Both fought against the deification and objectification of women and both reintroduced morality to the struggling Greeks and Romans. They stopped women from being sold as prostitutes and used as property, and ensured that they were treated well by one husband.

The same situation that occurred back then in the Middle East is happening again today, with the influx of dark blood into our nations the female has been raised up again on a pedestal and the sex act is being worshiped as an end in itself, rather than as the means to an end. People have exchanged the joy of children for life for a few minutes of the lowest pleasure, one that animals, and even insects, are capable of engaging in.

Instead of sublimating their creative sap in between fertilizations, and ensuring a positive outcome in all that they do in their lives, Aryan men have been conned into wasting all that creative spiritual potential, and most are unaware entirely that they even possess it.


Defeating ignorance, temptation and weakness.

How Continence Works

The Vedic belief is that we project our world from within and when we waste our seed it causes much internal upset, which then manifests in our external world projection. Bad things happen quickly after a relapse and good things slowly increase the longer you go without wasting any. The right decisions present themselves to you as you learn to recognize when life is trying to steer you in a particular direction and the correct action to take becomes much easier to define, once that creative power is being utilized instead of discarded.

There is no greater penance or austerity than continence. It is well known that fasting and meditating can produce altered states, but continence is more powerful than both of those and has the potential to change the individual’s state of mind and influence the outcome of interactions with the world around them. It will give insights into situations that would have been missed entirely before, as it increases intuition and focuses the intellect. It gives everything an extra edge from peaceful religious contemplation to physical feats of strength. It is the most holy of self-sacrifices and blessings are guaranteed through it, but it will only work for you if it is a conscious decision to avoid the temptation.  If you are still devoting your energies into trying ‘to get some,’ but are just being unsuccessful, life will still be as chaotic and cluttered as ever. Each time you resist it though the more you are building up your store of strength against being compromised, as well as diminishing the chances of being put in that position again. The longer you go without, the more you will realize how much easier it is to control your responses and solve your problems, the more you will see positive improvements to your life, and all the sharper will be the contrast with how you were before. You will also really notice the negative effects after your desire finally beats you, which will be while you are asleep and unable to resist the temptation, if you are serious about it.

Slowly building up to longer and longer amounts of time without release is the most common way to achieve permanent continence nowadays. Eating special foods and going without others may also help. Going for 28 days without will at least put you on the same level as women, only losing your mojo once a month. Achieving a year without is pretty much guaranteed to improve your life in ways you never would have thought possible, even with a few unconscious relapses.

In this time of plummeting white birth rates everywhere, this may seem like strange information to provide. But only a few releases are required over a lifetime to produce a large family, and once that is achieved, the creative energy can be directed to the instruction of children. This will ensure they have a rock solid foundation from which to grow from, as well as knowing that they have their father’s undivided attention. If the sex act is seen as sacred and respected, there is a far greater chance of the family staying together and of children honoring their parents and ancestors, as we see in places where this is the case.  Even if one does not wish to devote his life to the practice, continence can be used intermittently throughout ones life to gain strength and clarity; if one is not presently in a healthy relationship with a woman, he has no reason not to practice this ancient art of sexual restraint.

Continence is a tried and tested way to improve your health, your intellect and your spiritual capabilities and awareness. It is the sacrifice of self that inspired all the notable followers of divinity, bestowing gifts of clear vision and understanding to its adepts. The single-mindedness and astonishing achievements of those great men I listed at the beginning of this piece are a testament to the power of restraint, and there are many other men of honor who have followed the same path.

The power of continence has been censored from modern religion and is ridiculed in modern life, because the enemy does not want people to be inspired and free from worldly desire, with a limitless store of inner strength, because if we did, they would no longer have any hold over us at all.